Pamper your Body

Salt Scrub

Salt exfoliation allows the skin to exfoliate, it is recommended by dermatologists. Thus, the dead cells of the epidermis are eliminated and the cells are regenerated while purifying the skin. Thanks to the olive oil contained in the preparation, it nourishes the skin well. Combined with salt that rub the skin, it offers an excellent fatty effect for the face and body. The salt scrub is therefore ideal to regenerate the skin and purify it thoroughly!
3 AROMAS: Chocolate, Blueberries and blackberries, Strawberry cream

Sugar Scrub

The natural sugar scrub applied once a week on a damp skin ensures well-being and a moment of relaxation. This beauty mask offers the body and face undeniable benefits such as a soothing and a radiant complexion. It also allows cell renewal and stimulates the micro blood circulation. It is ideal if you want to have soft baby skin. After the scrub, beauticians will recommend to use a moisturizing cream or oil mixed with water so its well absorb by the body.
3 AROMAS: Mango, Cherry, Apple

Body Yogurt

Ultra-light multivitamin yoghurt suitable for all skin types after water procedures. It moisturizes, smoothes, nourishes and protects skin from premature aging and harmful environmental influence. Improves skin colour, supports natural hydro-lipid balance. Skin becomes smooth, resilient and firm.
4 AROMAS: Mango, Strawberry with cream, Chocolate, Blueberries & Blackberries

Moisterizing cream & Glittery Gel

Moisturizing Cream

This Moisturizing Cream will change your daily routine, thanks to its unique perfume and smoothing effect. Rich in aloe vera and avocado oil, this cream is ideal for sensitive and very dry skin. Extremely nutritious and protective against the detrimental effects of the sun, this hydrating cream will rehydrate your skin, leaving it a silky and velvety touch, as well as a delicate fragrance.

Glittery Gel for the body illuminates your skin and makes it shimmer with moisture. Tiny shimmer particles enhance your skin with a soft radiance. All skin colors will be enhanced by the golden glow and your complexion will softly shimmer with warmth. Your skin will be supple, moisturized, perfumed and satin soft with a light sheen. Quickly absorbed, no greasy after feel. Doesn’t stain your clothes. Enriched with vitamins B5, E and Aloe Vera.

Body Shea Butter

Shea butter belongs to the most important and most useful butters for the body thanks to its protective and emollient properties. The regular use of this butter leads to the softer skin texture, elasticity and softness, while reducing the risk of skin diseases. hea butter is not only an excellent product for the body, the presence of arachidic, linoleic, oleic, linolenic, stearic, palmitic and meristic acid, takes care of your hair perfectly. It is rich in vitamins F, D, A, E, which is involved in nutrition and in stimulating hair growth.
4 AROMAS: Mango, Coconut, Strawberry, Natural

Brazilian Coffee Scrub

Coffee body scrub is an exclusive handmade cosmetic product. The use of such product will please you with the result. The skin will be soft and surprisingly gentle, smooth as the most expensive silk! You can achieve moisturize every cell and make them rich in vitamins by regular use of the natural scrub.

Shower Mousse

Mild cleansing foam designed for everyday skin care for all skin types. It has a unique creamy and light consistency. Foam cleans, massages and tones the skin. It removes dead, dull and dry skin cells, making your skin smooth, fresh and radiant. It stimulates regeneration of skin cells., enhances skin elasticity, and leaves a fresh, juicy scent. The polishing particles of salt improve foaming of the product and act as a sponge. Free from parabens, alcohol, SLS, SLES, PEG.

Shower Gel

Wonderful shower gels have amazing fragrances that were created using the natural ingredients. We take the best from the nature and make the healthy cosmetic products on the basis of natural ingredients. Suitable for all skin types. Shower gel excellently cleanses and refreshes your skin, improves your well-being.
5 AROMAS: Cherry Plum, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mango, Men Special